ICICI Prudential PMS Absolute Return Portfolio

Absolute Return Portfolio
Earn absolute returns on investment in companies across market capitalisation


Absolute Return Portfolio

(A Series under Absolute Return Portfolio)

Investment Philosophy: A focused equity portfolio that endeavours to achieve long term capital appreciation through equities by riding the dominant themes across market cycles.


image Investment Strategy

The Portfolio Manager aims to follow a concentrated, absolute return strategy targeting returns by investing in companies across market capitalization. The Portfolio Manager proposes to construct a focused portfolio of 15-20 stocks aiming to provide capital appreciation by taking meaningful exposure per stock. The Portfolio aims to generate alpha by riding the dominant themes through market cycles.

The Portfolio Manager proposes to concentrate on business and economic fundamentals driven by in-depth research techniques and employing the full potential of the research team at the AMC. It will follow a balanced approach with top-down approach identifying trends and spot market anomalies; and bottom-up approach seeking to identify companies with potential for secular price performance. The Portfolio aims to optimally diversify across sectors and remain agnostic to market capitalizations.


image Indicative Portfolio Construct:

  • Flexi Cap: Mid & Small Cap Stock – 0-40% Large Cap Stocks – 60-100%
  • Concentration: Focused portfolio of 15-20 stocks.
  • Sector Limit: 25% or sector weight in benchmark, whichever is higher.
  • Bottom up and Top Down approach

image Portfolio Features

  • Portfolio Term
  • Open- Ended
  • Minimum Ticket Size
  • Rs. 25 Lacs
  • Investment Horizon
  • 2 years
  • Benchmark Index
  • Nifty 50

The portfolio is closed for investments/subscription



The portfolio is closed for investments/subscription