ICICI Prudential PMS Wellness Portfolio

PMS Wellness Portfolio
Let your investment be the cure of all your financial insecurities


PMS Wellness Portfolio

Investment Philosophy: A dynamic asset allocation sector portfolio which aims to provide long-term capital appreciation and generate returns by investing in all important segments of Wellness which primarily comprises of remedial wellness and preventive wellness. For defensive consideration the Portfolio may invest in debt and money market instruments.

image Indicative Portfolio Composition

  • Equity and equity related instruments to the tune of 0-100%.
  • A focused portfolio of 15-20 ideas, agnostic to market capitalizations
  • Debt, Money Market and Cash in the range of 0-100% through money market mutual fund scheme/s for temporary investment purpose

*The strategy described herein involves risk and there can be no assurance that specific objectives will be met under differing market conditions or cycles. The investment strategy and the composition of the portfolio as stated herein is only indicative in nature and is subject to change within the provisions of the disclosure document and client agreement without any prior notice to investors. Please refer to the disclosure document & client agreement for details and risk factors.

image Investment Suitability

The Portfolio is suitable for investors:

  • Seeking to enter equity markets with a positive view on Wellness primarily Preventive and Remedial wellness, through a concentrated portfolio of 15-20 stocks
  • Having an investment horizon of 2-3 years

image Portfolio Features

  • Portfolio Term
  • Open - Ended
  • Minimum Ticket Size
  • Rs. 25 Lacs
  • Investment Horizon
  • 2-3 years from the date of Inception
  • Benchmark Index
  • S & P BSE Healthcare Index

The portfolio is closed for investments/subscription



The portfolio is closed for investments/subscription