ICICI Prudential PMS Flexi Cap Portfolio

PMS Flexi Cap Portfolio
Let your investments benefit from more choice and possibilities for diversification.


Flexi Cap Portfolio

(A Series under "Aggressive" Portfolio)

Investment Philosophy: A diversified equity portfolio that endeavors to achieve long term capital appreciation and generate returns by investing across market Cap.


image Investment Strategy

The Investments are targeted at long-term capital appreciation and follows GARP (Growth at Reasonable Price) Philosophy. The focus is on identifying stocks with attractive growth prospects that are available at reasonable valuations.

The investment strategy follows a mix of a top-down and a bottom-up approach. The top-down approach is used to identify key macroeconomic and sectoral themes and subsequently help identify stocks that will benefit from the same. A bottom-up approach is applied based on the belief that there are always individual companies that provide attractive investment opportunities in various industry and market conditions. The prominence given to the top-down vs. bottom-up approach would vary from time to time depending on macroeconomic, sectoral and company specific fundamentals. The Portfolio Manager would aim to give a lot of weightage to factors like strong management, scalable businesses and pricing power of the company, sustainable competitive edge and visible brands, while selecting investment ideas.

The Portfolio Manager aims to maintain a diversified portfolio by investing in a basket of stocks across market capitalization, without any undue concentration in any stock or sector. The Portfolio’s multi-cap investment approach, based on valuation gaps between large, mid and small cap stocks, facilitates participation in India’s growth story and at the same time, benefits from diversification.


image Indicative Portfolio Construct:

  • Diversified Equity portfolio with exposure across Large, Mid and Small Cap
  • A focused portfolio of 20 – 25 ideas
  • Maximum exposure to a security – 10% of the Portfolio
  • Maximum exposure to a sector – 25% of the Portfolio

image Portfolio Features

  • Portfolio Term
  • Open- Ended
  • Minimum Ticket Size
  • Rs. 25 Lacs
  • Investment Horizon
  • 3 years and above
  • Benchmark Index
  • S&P BSE 200
The strategy, portfolio composition and portfolio features described herein involves risk and there can be no assurance that specific objectives will be met under differing market conditions or cycles. The investment strategy and the composition of the portfolio as stated herein is only indicative in nature and is subject to change within the provisions of the disclosure document and client agreement without any prior notice to investors. Please refer to the disclosure document & client agreement for details and risk factors.

The portfolio is closed for investments/subscription



The portfolio is closed for investments/subscription