ICICI Prudential PMS Value Portfolio

PMS Value Portfolio
Identify value early so you can reap foreseen benefits.


Value Portfolio

(A series under “Deep Value” Portfolio)

Investment Philosophy: Aims to follow a value investment style and intends to offer a diversified portfolio of stocks that have high potential but are quoting at a discount to their fair/intrinsic value.


image Investment Strategy

The core investment philosophy of value investing is based on the belief that stocks cannot continue to quote at values that are significantly below their fair values over the long term. At some point in time, the markets are likely to recognize the extent of undervaluation of these companies. The same could lead to a rerating/appreciation in the company’s stock price.
The Portfolio aims to follow ‘buy and hold’ strategy in order to fully capitalize the true underlying value of the business potential which gets ‘unlocked’ over a period of time.


image Indicative Portfolio Construct:

  • Diversified Equity Portfolio of undervalued stocks
  • A portfolio of 20-25 ideas, biased towards Mid-Caps
  • Maximum exposure to a security – 10% of the Portfolio
  • Maximum exposure to a sector – 25% of the Portfolio

image Portfolio Features

  • Portfolio Term
  • Open- Ended
  • Minimum Ticket Size
  • Rs. 25 Lacs
  • Investment Horizon
  • 3 years and above
  • Benchmark Index
  • S&P BSE Mid-Cap
The strategy, portfolio composition and portfolio features described herein involves risk and there can be no assurance that specific objectives will be met under differing market conditions or cycles. The investment strategy and the composition of the portfolio as stated herein is only indicative in nature and is subject to change within the provisions of the disclosure document and client agreement without any prior notice to investors. Please refer to the disclosure document & client agreement for details and risk factors.

The portfolio is closed for investments/subscription



The portfolio is closed for investments/subscription